Experience the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine

Luxury restaurant chain with elegant and cool design, serving many attractive Asian and European dishes. The quintessence of the art here is not only reflected in each dish by the clever presentation, the rich flavor, but also by the professional, friendly service and the dedication of the chef. each dish.

Orchid restaurant

  • Capacity: 350 guests
  • Specializes in Asian and European dishes
  • Serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Events: wedding, banquet, festival

Tulip restaurant

  • Capacity: 150 guests
  • Specialize in European cuisine
  • Serve: lunch, and dinner
  • Events: banquet, party

Cafe Teria

Mimosa & Lyly Dining room

  • Capacity: 20 guests
  • Events: VIP party, party

Camellia bar & cafe

  • Serving snacks, coffee, wine, cocktails

Moonlight bar

  • Located on the 6th floor is a classic and warm wooden bar serving luxurious drinks including spirits, cocktails, and snacks.
    Opening hours: 16h00 to 23h00

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